Bald Eagle

Adult Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle catching a fish

Photos: Rich and Nikki Lefebvre


Bald Eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus

The Bald Eagle is becoming more common in north Texas, especially in winter. It is usually found at the larger area lakes. Nesting has increased as well.

Species information:

Length:           32”
Wingspan:      80”
Weight:          males: 9 –10 lbs,  females: 10 – 13 lbs

Description: Very large, distinct bird.  Adults have white heads and tails while the rest of the body is dark brown.  They have a yellow beak.   It takes four years to acquire adult plumage.   Birds in their first three years go through a number of plumage changes beginning as all brown and they become more white and brown mottled overall in years two and three.

Habitat: Found near large bodies of water.

Flight: Slow, shallow wing beats. Soars with wings almost flat.

Vocalization: A chirping noise, not very strong.

Food: Mainly fish and waterfowl. Will scavenge these foods if possible.

Nesting: Found in large trees, usually next to water. Site will be re-used every year with additional sticks being added. Nests are usually 6 ft. wide and 2 feet deep, but old nest have been measured up to 8 feet wide and 12 feet deep.  Breed in winter.   Usually 2 eggs that hatch in about 43 days.   Leaves nest in 11 weeks but remains nearby for many week