Broad-winged Hawk

Buteo platypterus

The Broad-winged Hawk is a migrant in east Texas and eastern North America. Some take up residence in Texas during the summer, especially east Texas. These birds migrate to Central and South America, approximately 4,500 miles, each fall. They can be seen flying in “kettles” (large flocks soaring together).

Species information:

Length: 15” – 17”
Wingspan: 35”
Weight: 14oz

Plumage: Adults have a dark face and white throat, The chest has brown-red barring. In flight, the trailing edges of the wings are very dark. The tail is dark with one wide white band in the middle and a thinner white band at the tip. Immature birds are similar but the barring is brown on the chest and the tail has uniform brown and black stripes.

Habitat: Found in forests.

Flight: Fairly rapid wing-beats.

Vocalization: A high, thin whistle, ‘teee-eeeeeee’ on one pitch.

Food: Small mammals and insects found in wooded areas.

Nesting: Found in trees usually 15 – 20 feet up. Made of twigs. They usually lay 2-3 eggs that are incubated for about 28 days. Young are out of the nest in about 30 days but get help from adults for another 30 days.