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The ‘Builds its Nest’ Campaign is more than half way to its goal! And only $65,000 more needed to begin rehabilitation of our north Texas Raptors!
BPRC has almost completed construction of its next set of rehabilitation flight cages. These cages are designed for medium-size birds such as Barn Owls and Red-shouldered hawks. The cages give the birds enough room for physical therapy – strengthen muscles, practice flying, and reacclimating to the outdoors. We will also use these cages for prey-testing, making sure the raptors are able to catch live food, before being released.

We are raising funds for the operation of our rehabiliation which includes medicine, food and utilities. Only $65,000 more needed so we can open! If you would like to help please contact us.

If you can’t help but would like to see the progress, we will be posting pictures on our Facebook page!

We thank you for your continued support.

outsideCheck out the Medium Cages Construction Photos