Injured/orphaned Raptor?

FOUND AN INJURED RAPTOR?  Call us at 972-442-7607.

What to do if you find a baby raptor.  Find the answer in our FAQ to see if it needs help or should be left alone. BPRC partners with many city animal control offices, veterinarians and other rehabilitators in the area to get injured raptors to us. Some of our local animal control partners include:  Plano, Richardson, Allen and Collin County. In Dallas, Eastlake Veterinary Hospital (214-342-3100) near White Rock Lake and Summertree Bird Clinic (972-387-4168) at Inwood and the Tollway, will accept injured raptors – but they must be dropped off at their locations.

You can also bring injured raptors to BPRC between the hours of 9am to 4pm 7 days a week. Our address is 1625 Brockdale Park Road, Lucas TX 75002. Please call first to make sure we are available (972) 442-7607, as we may be out rescuing another raptor or at an education presentation.

If you have found other injured animals, visit the DFW Wildlife Coalition website at

August 3, 2015 Blackland Prairie Raptor Center started a rehabilitation program for birds of prey, including a clinic, kennels to let the birds heal and large flight cages to help them prepare for life in the wild. We are now accepting raptors to the program. Please call 972-442-7607 to report a injured or orphaned raptor.

For other wildlife, you can find wildlife rehabbers through the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

There is lots of great information and resources available on the web to learn more about raptors and how you can help in the conservation efforts.
We list a few of our favorite resources here.

Thank you for caring about the wildlife of north Texas!


Have a Raptor Program

Long Horned Owl

Long Horned Owl

Teaching With Live Birds

Teaching With Live Birds

Willie - Our Barn Owl

Willie – Our Barn Owl

There’s no better way to learn about the birds of prey in North Texas than to meet them in person!

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center’s birds of prey have many years of experience introducing children and adults to the world of raptors. These hawks, owls and falcons are well trained, and with the assistance of BPRC education specialists, show you what makes them an important part of our environment.

The presentations, approximately 45 minutes long are at your location, and are available to all schools, home school groups, youth organizations, libraries, scouts and much more. In 2013 we presented to more than 30,000 people.

We travel all over North Texas!

We also offer on-site programming. We have a park with pavilions, an amphitheater, restrooms, and trails. We can offer raptor presentations as well as guided hikes through native Blackland Prairie. Able to accommodate up to 300 for our on-site programs.

Outreach group size can range from just a few, to a classroom to over 1,000 (for events). For schools we recommend no more than 150 at a time and can do as many back-to-back programs as requested.

Our programs include:

Whoo’s There in the Dark?

A fun and educational introduction to raptors for children ages pre-K (minimum age, 4 years old) through Kindergarten. A live owl will visit your classroom to help children discover the mysteries of the night. Where does an owl live, what does an owl eat, and how does it get food? This program designed especially for our youngest naturalists. (maximum group size of 25).

Night Flight

Discover the habits and habitats of the nocturnal raptor of our area. Live owls will visit to illustrate the special adaptations required for night hunting.

Raptors of North Texas!

Day and night the raptors are on patrol. Their mission: in search of a meal. How do they do it? Discover their unique adaptations to hunt in woodland, wetlands and prairies. Raptors of different species and sizes will be used to demonstrate their capabilities. This program is adaptable to all ages.

For more information and rates on any of the above programs and to schedule a presentation, Email us or call 469-964-9696.
Download Education Programs brochure;
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You and Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

Join with us to continue our mission to care for raptors and educate the public.   Please promote preservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat so our North Texas Raptors will have a healthy home  with clean water and food resources.

We are always looking for volunteers to help feed and care for our birds.   Senior volunteers can help display the birds at our education program.  If interested click here to contact us.

We are in need of funds to feed and care for our raptor ambassadors and to build facilities for rehabilitation.  Please consider a donation.


You can adopt one of our raptors.  See adopt-a-raptor.

We can also we use/re-cycled many household items such as old towels.  See our complete list here.

Or proudly wear a BPRC raptor t-shirt.   See here. 


Bald Eagle