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There’s no better way to learn about the birds of prey in North Texas than to meet them in person!

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center’s birds of prey have many years of experience introducing children and adults to the world of raptors. These hawks, owls and falcons are well trained, and with the assistance of BPRC education specialists, show you what makes them an important part of our environment. We also have owl pellets for sale!


The presentations, approximately 45 minutes long are at your location, and are available to all schools, home school groups, youth organizations, libraries, scouts and much more. Each year we present to more than 30,000 people. We travel all over North Texas and Oklahoma. Group size can range from a few to a classroom to a whole school. For schools we recommend no more than 150 at a time and can do back-to-back programs as requested.


Join us at BPRC for a great day of education in a natural setting with Lavon Lake as our backdrop. We have a park with pavilions, an amphitheater, restrooms, and trails. We can offer raptor presentations as well as guided hikes through native Blackland Prairie. The prairie hikes take you through a remnant prairie considered an endangered ecosystem with plants unique to this habitat. Able to accommodate up to 300 for our on-site programs.


We do many community events from small Neighborhood Night Out gatherings to large festivals (such as Irish Fest – more than 30,000). It includes a booth with our raptors out at all times to talk to visitors and show them these amazing birds up-close and the option of programs as well.


We have owl pellets for sale. They are sterilized and ready for your students or groups to take apart to see what owls eat. Cost is $1 each (plus shipping).

Our outreach and on-site programs include:

Whoo’s There in the Dark?

A fun and educational introduction to raptors for children ages pre-K (minimum age = 4 years old) through Kindergarten. A live owl will visit your classroom to help children discover the mysteries of the night. Where does an owl live, what does an owl eat, and how does it get food? This program designed especially for our youngest naturalists. (prefer smaller group size, <25)

Night Flight

Discover the habits and habitats of the nocturnal raptor of our area. Live owls will visit to illustrate the special adaptations required for night hunting.

Raptors of North Texas!

Day and night the raptors are on patrol. Their mission: in search of a meal. How do they do it? Discover their unique adaptations to hunt in woodland, wetlands and prairies. Raptors of different species and sizes will be used to demonstrate their capabilities. This program is adaptable to all ages.

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