Long-eared Owl

Asio Otus

Normally found in the western states, on occasion they can be found in north Texas in small colonies. They have long ear tufts giving them their name (though the tufts are not their ears). Bright eyes look like they are always surprised.

Species information:

Length: 14”
Wingspan: 35” to 40”
Weight: 8 to 15 ounces

Plumage: Dark bird with intricate black, brown and buff patterns. Ear tufts very long.

Habitat: Wood areas.

Flight: Back and forth very low to the ground.

Vocalization: Very low, soft hoots and cat-like meows.

Food: Small rodents.

Nesting: Stick nests borrowed from other birds. Usually 2 – 10 eggs hatch in about 30 days. Leave nest in 5 weeks and parents will help feed young for at least 10 to 11 weeks.