Northern Caracara

Caracara cheriway

The Caracara is an uncommon bird in north Texas and has a very unique look. Previously known as Crested Caracara.

Species information:

Length: 24”
Wingspan: 50”
Weight: 2.25 lbs

Description: Distinctive bird. Wings are black with white tips. Head has a black crest, red face and white neck. Belly is black, tail is speckled white with broad black band at tips.

Habitat: Found in open grasslands usually on the ground.

Flight: Long steady wingbeats.

Vocalization: Normally silent, but has a croaking call.

Food: Mainly carrion.

Nesting: Found in trees or rock ledges, Site will be re-used every year with additional material being added. Usually 2-3 eggs that hatch in about 28 days. Leaves nest in 6 – 7 weeks but remains nearby for many weeks.

Notes: Seen South and East of Dallas, known nesting sites near Greenville.