Peregrine Falcon


Photo: Rich and Nikki Lefebvre


Peregrine Falcon
Falco peregrinus


The Peregrine Falcon is an uncommon sighting in North Texas, but has been seen in all seasons.  It can be found in open areas. There are a number of subspecies but most commonly anatum has been sighted with occasional tundrius seen in migration.

Species information:

Length:            16 – 20”
Wingspan:       42”
Weight:           M  1.2 lb   F 1.5 – 2 lb.

Plumage:  Slate-colored head and back. Tail is dark gray with light gray bands. Chest is light tan with bars across. Head has large dark ‘helmet’ look.

Habitat: Open areas.

Flight:  Strong, consistent wing beats. This bird flies fast and straight, looks very powerful. Pointed wings.

Vocalization:  A loud, fast krek-krek-krek-krek.

Food:  Duck and other medium-size game.

Nesting:  Not normally found nesting in North Texas.  Nests on cliff faces and ledges of tall buildings. They usually lay 3-4 eggs that are incubated for about 29 days. Young fledge in about 5 weeks but are dependant on parents for 2 more months.

Note: Peregrine Falcons have been clocked doing over 230 miles per hour when diving (known as a stoop) on their prey.