BPRC Rehabilitation

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center has state and federal permits to receive injured birds of prey for rehabilitation. The facility is designed based on federal regulations to admit, treat and release raptors safely and as quickly as possible. BPRC receives between 600 and 800 patients a year from north Texas and Oklahoma. With the help of avian veterinarians, dedicated staff and volunteers, BPRC gives patients a second chance in the wild. Our Rehabilitation Manager and volunteer crew work 7 days a week, 365 days a year to do what is necessary to help patients.

The majority of patients accessed have injuries or issues caused by human interaction. These include being hit by cars, flying into windows, being shot, poisoned or electrocuted. Additionally, people find baby raptors on the ground and take them home thinking they need help. Unfortunately many of these can become imprinted on the humans, not their parents, which is permanent and makes a young bird non-releasable.

The Glotzbach Raptor Rehabilitation Clinic includes an exam room, large and small bird intensive care units, and a nursery. Flight cages are built for different species. These cages are necessary for exercise and prey testing before release and are built to federal and Texas requirements.

If you have found an injured bird please call our hotline at 469-964-9696. Our normal business hours are 9am to 4pm. If you have an emergency situation after hours, please contact us through Facebook Messenger. If you have an injured animal or other type of bird please lookup a rehabilitator in the list at Texas Park and Wildlife Rehabilitation.