Scout Projects

Nearly 100 Eagle Scout and Girl Scout projects have been completed at the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center. These have included construction of trails, bridges, enrichment games for avian ambassadors and gardens as well as making travel boxes for our education ambassadors and signage throughout the facility.

If after reviewing the available projects below you find a project of interest, please contact our team at or 469-964-9696.

Build Bird Sighting Board

Refurbish Benches

Build What’s Your Wingspan? Display Board

Host Avian Ambassador Enrichment Toy Drive

Build Stage / Riser

Clean and Refurbish Crate Storage and Cleaning Facility

Host Hospital Supply Drive

Power Wash Sidewalks and/or Pavilions

Replenish Pea Gravel in Flight Cages

Assemble Easter Screech Owl Nest Boxes


Trail Maintenance

Build and Replace Footbridge