Welcome, Current Raptor Center Volunteers! 

If as of July 1, 2023, you are an established volunteer with our Center OR are a new volunteer and have completed an orientation and passed our required background check, you are in the right place! This *new* page is a hub for CURRENT Blackland Prairie Raptor Center volunteers.  We will keep this webpage updated with Center news and volunteer opportunities.

NEW VOLUNTEER SYSTEMS: Our Center is transitioning to two new systems – DonorView and Sling.  DonorView is a new donor and volunteer database.  This database will replace Volgistic as a place to enter volunteer hours served. We are making the transition to DonorView because this system allows volunteer to track hours and mange donor information in one place.  It also allows our staff to ensure no volunteer is left out of Center communication – all constituents profiles will live in one place! Sling is our new volunteer scheduling system and will replace Sign-Up Genius and VicNet. With the complex scheduling needs of our Center, we’ve decided to use the Sling system to help manage how we schedule volunteers.  For example, if an animal care specialist volunteer (education and training position) wants to sign up for a shift, the new system will allow us to flag that volunteer so they cannot inadvertently sign up for a role they are not yet trained to fill, like an animal trainer shift.  With our volunteer teams growing and volunteer roles expanding this new “flagging” system will allow our staff to manage volunteer shifts with ease. Our Education and Training Volunteer are already using this system, they were gracious enough to pilot the new system for our Center.  Our Rehabilitation team will soon follow. But this may not look much different for Rehabilitation volunteers – Sarah Densmore, our volunteer coordinator, will continue to assign you to volunteer shifts.  *** We ask for patience as we make the transition over the next month. You will receive an email with transition information once we migrate all data over to the new systems. In the meantime, continue using Volgistics/VicNet and Sign-Up Genius. ***

Have Questions?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Densmore, at sarah.densmore@bpraptorcenter.org.