Raptor Species Native to North Texas

Listed below are all the various species that can be seen in our area. There is a code designation beside their name that notes how frequent or rare it is to see that raptor in this area.

Black Vulture Common
Turkey Vulture Common
Osprey Uncommon
Mississippi Kite Migrant Summer resident
Northern Harrier Migrant Winter sightings
Bald Eagle Uncommon Winter sightings most common
Golden Eagle Migrant/Rare
Sharp-shinned Hawk Common
Cooper’s Hawk Common
Broad-winged Hawk Migrant
Harris’s Hawk Accidental
Red-shouldered Hawk Common
Red-tailed Hawk Common
Swainson’s Hawk Migrant
Rough-legged Hawk Accidental West of Fort Worth
Ferruginous Hawk Accidental West of Fort Worth
Northern Caracara Rare Has been seen throughout DFW
American Kestrel Common
Merlin Migrant
Prairie Falcon Rare Winter/Spring sightings
Peregrine Falcon Rare
Barn Owl Common
Eastern Screech Owl Common
Great Horned Owl Common
Snowy Owl Accidental Winter sightings
Burrowing Owl Migrant
Barred Owl Common
Long-eared Owl Rare Winter sightings
Short-eared Owl Rare Winter sightings


Common = seen year round in most areas
Uncommon = year round but seen only in their specific habitats
Migrant = only seen passing through in Spring or Fall
Rare = seen once or twice a year
Accidental = few records of sightings in this area

This list is based on known sightings in the North Texas area in the past 10 years.