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BPRC in the News


March 2018. BPRC recently flew the Snowy Owl to Minnesota to be released where he belongs. After spending two months at BPRC recovering from a wing injury and  emaciation, he hopped a Southwest Airline flight with our Rehabilitation Manager, Liz Dunn. He was transferred to the Minnesota Raptor Center who takes in many Snowy Owls each year and will soon be released.




Red-tailed Hawk gets second chance!

BPRC received a Red-tailed Hawk that flew through the methane flame of an incinerator at a local landfill. Unfortunately it melted all its flight and tail feathers and fell to the ground. After examining the bird and giving it time to recuperate, BPRC imped a full new set of feathers. Imping is the process of taking salvaged feathers from another bird (same species/size), cutting the damaged feathers off and gluing the new feathers in place.  This bird was flying soon after the process was complete and passed Mouse School!  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and help raptors in need.

Red-tailed Hawk being examined. A new set of feathers have been imped in place. Exercising with other Red-tailed Hawks in flight cage before release.



Construction under way of flight cages


BPRC continues the  construction of small flight cages for Eastern Screech Owls and American Kestrels.

We are looking for volunteers interested in helping build these cages!

When completed, there will be 8 intermediate cages, to help acclimate and give the birds minimal exercise, and 4 flight cages for exercise and Mouse school training before release. In 2016 we received more than 145 Screech owls and 40 Kestrels. This caging will make our process much more efficient. If you would like to donate towards the construction of these cages or want to volunteer for construction please email us at info@bpraptorcenter.org. To follow our progress, click here to go to our construction page.







Thanks Lucas Fire Department



Thank you to the Lucas Fire Departmentfor their support of BPRC and all they do for the community. We had a great time meeting everyone! This is Fire Chief Jim Kitchens with our Executive Director Erich Neupert and Peregrine Falcon, Xena.

Observation Deck Going Under

If you’ve followed our last couple posts, you’d see the Lavon Lake continues to rise. Our observation deck became a boat dock, now it is going under water! Don’t forget June 6th is our Kids fishing derby at BPRC!flood3

Lake Lavon Rising at BPRC

Lavon Lake today. 2 months ago it was about 100 yards out from our observation deck. If it goes up a little more than three feet it will be the highest on record for the lake. It’s holding close to 200 billion gallons of water right now.flood1